Welcome to BattleBoyz BeatBox Beat Down on The Flow Online. The most comprehensive online Head to Head Beat Boxing head to head Battles on the net. Click on an image To view one of the many battles already taking place or choose to upload your own performance if you are already a Flow member. If you are not a 'Flow' member feel free Join Us Now! presents our member vote driven platform for battling online called Battleboyz. Battleboyz section allows for members to upload their videos, music and art for the purpose of Battling other Flow members online. has:
  • Beat Brawl Battles
  • Rap Battle Battles
  • Dance Detonation Battles
  • DJ Demolition Battles
  • Graffiti Bombs Battles
  • Mixtape Massacre Battles
  • Whip Wars Battles
  • Beat Box Beat Down Battles
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From Graffiti to Break Dancing, from MCs to Scratching, from the near beginning Hip Hop has always been about the battles.--Who's Best and Who's Next. You will find that we have put together several categories for every Hip Hop discpline. For Hip Hop MCs we have Rhyme Runners. For Producers and Beat Makers we have Beat Battles. For Beat Boxers we have Beat Box Smashers, For Break Dancers we have Dance Detonation. For DJs we have Dj Demolition. For Graffiti Artist we have Graffiti Bombs. For Masters of Mixtapes we have Mixtape Massacre and for Show Room Car Customizers we have Whip Wars.

So join in, upload your best entry or vote for your favorite. It's the BattleBoyz come correct or don't come at all.

If you would like to compete, Upload files to your Flow Online profile

Hip Hop enthusiast from around the world can now find and battle each other at one online location. Battleboyz even ranks our Battleboyz member's so the Battleboy community can see who is ranked the best in the world, your state, your city, town, block. Our patent pending algorithm considers your win/loss record, number of battles, and caliber of opponents you battle to determine who is the best and who out ranks the rest. You can even invite your fans and followers to join The Flow so they can vote for your battle performance.

To Battle, simply join and upload your battle video or music clip. Go to the Battle Zone and search through our list of other BattleBoyz contestants. Listen and/or watch the member you select for your consideration to Battle. If you find a foe worth your time click "Battle". The contestant will be notified that you have challenged them. If they accept a time will be sent to you via email on when your battle will begin. Forward this email with it's link to your friends, fans and followers so they can be sure to vote on your behalf. With the acception of Rap Battles, Battles occur for 24 hours from their start

So if your claiming to the best Rapper, DJ, BeatBoxer, Dancer, Graffiti Artist, Beat Maker or just want to have fun partaking in and enjoying one of the most exciting facets of Hip Hop Upload your Battle music clip, rap, dance or graffiti art and invite both friend and foe to join. See who ranks the best among you or invite Hip Hop challenges from around the globe.