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This ain't your Daddy's Mustang





The last few months of Whips, we featured a couple of exotic European super machines. So, this month we decided to bring the limelight back home to the US, and for all you low-key playas, back into your price range. 


This month's tight ride is the Saleen Mustang S281. Like the title said, this ain't your Daddy's Mustang. 


First off, it'll set you back a few more bones than your "Daddy's Mustang" (base price is around 34 G's). But be reassured, it'll also leave his Mustang waiting on the line. 


The base model S281 features a 4.6L 285 horsepower engine. Not too shabby, but if you are looking for a little more, you can always upgrade to the supercharged engine for another 6 G's, which will boost you up to 365 HP.) 


 The Saleen Mustang's improvements don't just end with more power though. With the S281 you also get a slew of other improvements, including a sleeker body kit, an improved interior, and augmentations to the suspension, chassis, and braking units. They even throw in some 18" alloys for your ride (chrome optional.)



If you still aren't convinced and are worried about shelling out the dough for the 'stang, check out this comparisson chart and see how the Saleen matches up with some of the market's other sport machines. 




As you can see, the Saleen Mustang gives you more bang for your buck than any other car in its class. The only other car that eclipses the Saleen is the Corvette, and we all know that 'Vetts are for middle aged, aviator sunglass-wearing yuppies! Well, that may be a little harsh -- the 'Vette is a nice ride -- but still, you can be sure that nothing about the Saleen S281 reaks of middle age! 


All in all, you'll be sure to catch some glances pimping around in this machine, if their eyes can keep up.




For more information about the S281 and other Saleen automobiles, go to:


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