'63 Impala

'63 Chevy Impala SS Rag-Top


Wassup, Players and Playettes...once again...IT'S ON!!

It's time to go back..how far back?  Way back!  

Back to the year, 1963.

JFK was President of The United States.
MLK had "A Dream".
And, Michael Jordan was only a newborn baby.

This midnight black, 6-3 Impala Super Sport 2-door convertible is nasty. 

This SS has original red vinyl bucket seats, orginal interior, a black rag top, and a 409-425 hp./4-speed. 

Most "G's" prefer the 6-4 but the 6-3 was the first Impala available as a convertible.

Sittin' on 100 Spoke Daytons with 3-wheel motion, this rag can hit "front bumper". (G-talk, baby.) 

As you know, an Ol' School Impala is the "hood equivalent" to a Benz in suburbia. 

Straight Status Symbol!


So, what's it "hittin' fo'"?




Check it! 

Ask Snoop...
Ask 'Dre...
Ask 'The Game'...

The 6-3 Impala Rag is "The Chronic"!



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