72 Dunham Corvado

72 Dunham Corvorado 'Pimpmobile'

What's crackin', Players and Playettes? 

As always, we're 'keepin' it P.I.' 
with the PIMPEST whips on the track.

Last month, we shot you with Jay Leno's '66 Oldsmobile Toronado...

This month, it's about ...The '72 Dunham Corvorado 'Pimpmobile'.

Simply put, a Corvorado is basically crafted from a Chevy Corvette with 1972 Cadillac Eldorado body panels;  the entire passenger compartment, doors, side glass, roof, etc., from the cowl back, are Corvette stock. 

Corvette + Eldorado = Corvorado


The whole MTV's Pimp My Ride concept should be credited to 70's automobile  fabricator, Les Dunham ofDunham Coachworks in Boonton, NJ.




Dunham built whips aren't cars..they are movie icons!

 Pimpmobile and the "Corvorado" in the James Bond film, "Live And Let Die" are Dunham creations.

Les Dunham 'pimpmobile' custom conversions include,"Superfly" round headlight covers, whitewall tires, grille caps, 40's goddess hood ornament, lake pipes, muvinyl tops, 8-Track stereo, custom paint, shagg or velour interiors, crystal chandeliers EVEN a disco ball hanging from the rear view mirror.

These whips were status symbols like today's, Donks, Bubbles and Boxes!! (Feb '06)

The Dunham converted "Cadillac El-Dog" driven byYoungblood Priest in Superfly was owned by KC, a New York pimp who allowed them to use the car in exchange for a minor role in the film...thus the name..PIMPMOBILE!

'70's Blaxploitation films like "Superfly", "The Mack", "Truck Turner and "Willie Dynamite" set the stage for mainstream films like"Live And Let Die", "Austin Powers inGoldmember" and "Undercover Brother"  to showcase the pimpmobile as a valid, character-developing movie prop.

So, what's it hittin' fo?

1972 Dollars...double that up..at least!

Check it....

This Corvorado is so player? 

"The Mack" himself, Goldie put it best....

"Listen to me and listen good. I don't give a shit what happened to you. You hear me? Now get yourself together, get back out there and git me my money!"



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