72' Buick Skylark

'72  Buick  Skylark



As always, we "keep it movin"...Players and Playettes.

This month's addition of "Whips" is a '72 Buick Skylarkcourtesy of Ansar Muhammad of East Palo Alto,CA.

Ansar  is a Store Operations Manager at Lowe's Home Improvement in Stockton, CA.


His Candy Brandy Wine "Lark" with a Black Base and Ghost Racing Stripes has a Buick 350 V-8..but Ansar ain't playin games, he's looking to put in a 455 under the hood. (WOO!!)


Blowin' the doors off of these cats who want to test they skills, this original looking "Lark" rounds out on '20 inch' blades.



This '7-2's clean, mean and ready to do its thing...


 So, what's it hittin' fo'??


 No sale.


 Check it...


Don't hate Ansar...don't hate the "Lark"...hate the fact, that you hate to spend your loot on a real ride.







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