What's crackin' players and playettes?

The Flow  is gonna do it, "REAL BIG" '06, baby.

Let's start the New Year off right, with a car revolution out of the San Francisco Bay Area called...

"The Scrayper Movement"!

What's a "SCRAYPER"??

A "scrayper" isn't just a car...

it's a lifestyle...
it's an attitude...
it's a mentality...

It's "hyphy"! ("Hyphy" is Bay Area 'slang' for 'hyped-up' like "Crunk" is for The South.)

"The Scrayper Movement" is about people who are ready to "scrape" the bottom to get to the top!!

This isn't a fad, playboy...

"The Scrayper Movement" has been going on for 5 or 6 years..with no end in sight!

"Scraypers" are a fixture at ALL of the "Sydeshows" in Oakland, CA....ask, E-40.

What's a "SYDESHOW"? (And, you listen to Hip-Hop??..You should be embarrassed, babygirl.)

Zar, "The Official Scrayper Movement Diplomat" puts it this way...


"We take a car that is intended for old people..a car who's national sponsor is Tiger Woods...a car that's never been a car that our people really sought out and make it..HOOD FAMOUS!!"

"The Movement" is serious business.

Cougars, Mustangs, Chevelles, Crown Vics, Box Chevys, Novas, LeMans', Buicks, and glass houses...

sittin' on chrome, bathin' in candy paint.. Beatin' out with DVD's in the headrests and... an 'X-Box 360 ' in the backseat!!

when you get MORE props in a "Scrayper" than you get in a "Big Body Benz on 22's"??



You DAMN's serious!!

So, what they hittin' fo'?

Nah, man..."Scraypers" are like a member of your family.

You gotta get your own!

Check it...

Do not adjust your Computer screen...

The "Scrayper Revolution" will NOT be televised!

Be a part of "The Movement", baby




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