Boxes, Donks and Bubbles


What's crackin', Players and Playettes?

Once again, it's time to chop it up on the HOTTEST  rides in Hip-Hop.

Back home in the 'yay Area' we call them "Scraypers" but, The Flow's East Coast Offices are in FLA,...and they talk a wee-bit different here, shawty.




Repeat these words...Donks, Bubbles and Boxes!! 

What's funny is that these same terms are ALSO used down here to describe a woman's backside  but, I digress.

(I seem to ONLY have strip-clubs and, "Hennessy & Coke with a piece of lemon" on the brain, as of late.)

To these "Boss Ballers"...their cars ARE their women, hence the name association.

Some of these cars look as good as, Halle Berry sunbathing on South Beach, opening a bottle of babyoil. 

Here is a definition of terms.

Donks - A Chevy Caprice or Impala made between 1971-75. Donks are usually found in the Southeast (MIA) with rims that range from 22 to 28 inches.

Box - A 1980-88 Chevy, Ford or Buick. Named "box" because of the square body.

Bubble - A Chevy, Ford or Buick made between 1991-96. Named "bubble" because of the shape of the body.

Rules of Engagement include: Original bright colors WITH matching themes and concepts, custom interior (dime and tucks are played out, Pops), with heavy beat, DVD's and lifters..and of course, BIG RIMS!

Anything smaller than 24's are considered BABY RIMS, out here in MIA. (You cats on 20's need to seriously step-up your game.)

So, what they hittin' fo?

$30,000 to $75,000 and up.

Check it...

These boxes, donks and bubbles sit SO DAMN HIGH...

You'll need to book an airline ticket, Babygirl.



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