Glass House Chevys



What's crackin', Players and Playettes?

Once again, it's that time to slap you upside the headwith the HOTTEST rides in Hip-Hop.

Last month, we chopped it up about...Donks, Bubbles and Boxes..this month?? It's all about the "GLASS HOUSES", pimpin'!

Go on din, Cletus..ASK!..What's a Glass House?

Definition: "Glass House" - A 1971 to 1976 Chevy Caprice or Impala that does not have any metal separating the windows and doors from each other.

When all of the car doors are closed the only thing separating the end of the front window from the front of the back window is... a single piece of black rubber.

These 'ryders' have a lot of "glass" surrounding the cabin area, thus the name,"glass house".

The term was coined by the Hispanic Lowrider Community in L.A. back in the 1970's.





When both windows are rolled down on either side, that side is completely open...PERFECT FOR DRIVE-BYS. (Crips and Bloods vehicle of choice.)

This 1975 "glass house" impala can be identified by it's big inverted back window. 

A "G-House" can also be a "Donk" if you're in The Dirty South or a "Scrayper" in the Yay Area...but, in L.A.? ... "Glass House" is the name, Holmes!

Sittin' on 24's... this  "G-House" rocks the Louis Vuitton interior with the matching custom paint.

This "piece" is loaded with all the trimmings, rounding out with Lamborghini-Style doors...SICK!

So, what's it's hittin' fo?

It's custom, Player...

The question is...HOW MUCH CAN YOU AFFORD?

Check it...

This "Glass House" is so transparent...

'Casper The Friendly Ghost' couldn't see you creepin' on him, babygirl.








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