Urban Car Culture


Urban Car Culture: The Themes.
What's crackin', Players and Playettes? 

As usual, we're 'Ridin' Dirty'  with the FLYEST machinery, rollin' in Hip-Hop.


Last month, we pimp slapped  yo' ass with The '72 Dunham Corvorado 'Pimpmobile'.  This month, it's about ...The 'Urban Car Culture Phenomenon; The Themes.



When you think about "urban car culture", what may pop into your mind is those people who influence it most...
The major players in Hip-Hop, with what they're driving and placing in their music videos.


 Maybachs, Missy Elliott’s Lamborghinis, all of  50 Cent's whips, Funkmaster Flex’s pimped out classics, just to name a few.


But, it may also be your national geographic location that influences you. In other words, what you see on a day to day basis.

Lowriders? Street Bikes? Scraypers?...West Coast.


Bentleys, Maybachs, Ferrarris?... East Coast.

Old Schools? Magnums? Cadillacs?... Mid-West.


Donks? Highriders? Bubbles? Boxes?... The South.

The South
 is currently runnin' thangs when it comes to the urban impact  in transportation because working-classed African American, Asian and Latino families can realistically afford totrick-out  existing vehicles that they may already own.

And, ONCE AGAIN...they've set another trend with... themed’ exterior paint!


-But...Samantha wanted hors d' oeuvres!!!


The Dirty is DIRTY!


Blending in isn't in their vocabulary and they MAKE SURE you SEE them. 


But like rap lyrics...your paint job  BETTER be original!

"When it comes to setting your finish apart from the next guy’s, there’s no limit…from candy, to designer print, to 24K gold leaf…it’s all game, as long as it’s original,”
  says Lance Ponting, Co-owner, East Coast Ryders Street Life DVDs.

The Urban Car Culture
 is an important sub culture of Hip-Hop. And, car makers are very much aware of its financial significance and influence.

As a lifestyle, WE decide what brands are credible to us.

For a cat  to spend his own cheese  to flip his whip, hood style with a corporate company's logo and tagline emblazioned for all to see...further substantiates our own juice.

But...is  Madision Avenue as smart as they are in Detriot?

After Cadillac redesigned its Escalade in '99, the automobile industry began to cater future designs of their vehicles to the Hip-Hop Lifestyle.



And, they've prospered!


-Tony The Tiger...CRUNKED out!!

These trends will continue in other various forms because Hip-Hop is always about constant reinvention.

The Flow
 is an organization of trend-setters and urban marketeers  so..we KNOW what makes money in Hip-Hop.


But"the game is to be SOLD, not to be told". Come holla at us...we can do the damn thang.

Not to mention, these wet-themed finishes  make those dry-ass  car wraps of today look like, George and Weezy Jefferson's wallpaper!

So, what they hittin' fo'?


Look at the picture below, pimpin'. 

(Yes, those are REAL "100 dollar bills"  in the clear coat.)

Check it...

These themed-paint jobs are so drippin'..

You'll may have to hire yourself a plumber, babygirl.


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