Shaq's Two Wheel Madness

Shaq's "Heat-ed" Suzuki Hayabusa


What's crackin', Players and Playettes? 

Like always, we'll 'smash-dash-'n-ride'  this piece til' the wheels fall off.



Last month, we commercialized  and branded  the game with The Culture Phenomenon; The Themes.




This month is all about The Diesel himself, Shaquille O'Neal.




When you are one of the 50 greatest players of all-time...
The most dominant  big man of your Olympic Gold Medalist...a first-ballot future hall of famer... a father of six with a beautiful wife... a salary of $20 million annually...AND... you've  just won your 4th NBA Championship less than a month ago…what the f*** else do you need?




How about…the fastest motorcycle in the world.


The Suzuki GSX 1300R “Hayabusa”, is a hyper sport motorcycle that was consistently tested as the quickest and fastest production motorcycle in the world back in 2000.



How fast is fast?




A stock Hayabusa with a 1299 cc inline-4 engine can sprint a 10 second quarter mile at 135 mph.




Souped-up turbocharged ‘busas'  hold many top speed records, including the FIM 1350cc World Record of 252.832 mph with a timed pass that hit 261 mph.




261 mph...dammit!!!


The name, Hayabusa comes from the Japanese name for thePeregrine Falcon, also known for its speed.



But, we're talking about bikes built for normal-sized people…Not 7’1, 330 lbs human beings with 23 inch feet.


This laboriously stretched and lowered custom ‘rice rocket’  was designed by Mikki Guevara of Loco’s Kreation  in Orlando, Fl and made-to-measure Shaq's mountainous physique.



It features an air ride bike stand  that automatically decends likeairplane landing gear  when Shaq gets off the bike and rises up  to riding clearance when he's ready to ride. A six inch larger clutch and braking system were also added for maximum control .




Miami Heat red-and-street silver trimming 
with a burning"Superman" logo that is as synonymous with Shaq as it is withClark Kent, round out its curb appeal.




Fearing increased government regulations, top speeds of allHayabusa motorcycles since 2001 are governed by Suzuki onboard computer to a maximum 186 mph.




For Shaq, even at his great size… when it comes to the ‘busa' ?


Playtime is definitely over.



"In my basketball contract, the only things I can't do is scuba diving and sky diving. Bikes are OK,"
 says Shaq.


Consequently, Ben Roethlisberger and Kellen Winslow II, two of the most gifted young players in the NFL, were both seriously injured while driving a GSX-R 1300 and GSX-R 750...which are even SLOWER bikes!!

For those of you who are concerned about Shaq's safety, and therisk of ruining the chance to defend his championship?



Don't trip,'s covered.




"My wife doesn't like it at all, but I'm a cruiser anyways. It's about being seen, and I just like to cruise. I'm not into the speed thing, but I do want to look good."


So, wass it hittin' fo??

  (Shaq's version)

Check it...

 'busa'  is so custom....



You can sit on it...but, you won't be able to touch the handle bars, babygirl!




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