LaLa's Rover


What's crackin', Players and Playettes?

It's time to do what we do unlike any other online mag in hip-hop.

Pimp slappin' yo' ass with the hottest stars and the phattest  rides in the game.

Last month, we D-I-P'd with Snoop Dogg and his '67 Pontiac Parisienne convertible "Lakermobile".

This month is all about MTV VJ LaLa Vasquez and her "Pink Poodle" Land Rover Range Rover.

First things first, LaLa....why pink?

“Pink’s my favorite color. I didn’t want it to be cotton candy pink. This pink is so deep it’s almost like red. I said I wanted the pink lights and I wanted big wheels,”
 she says.

The other reason?

The Range Rover was also painted to match her cell phone.

Her boyfriend, NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony is also an automobile enthusiast, but LaLa popped and tricked this piece out, all by her lonely.

Dub Shoreline wheels
  sittin' on Pirelli's, JL Audio speakers, Procharger supercharger...

Tail lights on smoke, air-bag suspension, custom suede seats with two microphones stitched on the headrests...even the damn headlights  are pink.

“I learned about stuff, like the Strut grille, and now when I see other Range Rovers I’m looking for different things. Now I know what to expect now that I got mine all customized,” says La.

So, what's it's hittin' fo'?

How 'bout season tickets to the Denver Nuggets for more than a few years. (See Oct '06 Whips)

Check it....

This Poodle is SO "pink"...


You can hear the Pink Panther humming in your ear.




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