Ward of Whips

 Hines Ward's "Ward of Whips".

What's crackin', Players and Playettes?


Step on into The Flow and these silky smooth rides that will motivate you to go out and grab yourself a second job.



Last month, it was the NFL's fastest QB, Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick doing it big with his "harem of heaters". 




This month is all about All-Pro Super Bowl XL MVP, Pittsburg Steelers Wide Receiver, Hines Ward and his "Ward of Whips".


He is a straight-up baller and a potential Hall Of Famer with four NFL Pro Bowl selections (2001–2004). He is also the best blocking receiver in the NFL and had four consecutive 1,000  yard seasons.



Ward is the Steelers all-time leading receiver...and that's with a team that's had legendary receivers, Lynn Swann and John Stallworth catching passes.


He was also voted as the sixth-dirtiest player  in the league in a 2006 players' poll.



But when you are undersized at 6'0  and 205 lbs...you DO what you HAVE to do to "catch the rock" from  Ben Roethlisberger.




That's just on the field. Off of it, Ward is a national icon...in his native Korea.



When he became the first Korean-American to win the Super Bowl MVP award, the nation of South Korea embraced him even though they employ a blood-based social registry that restricts the rights of those not of full Korean blood.

who is African-American and Korean ancestry returned to his birthplace of Seoul for the first time since his parents moved to the U.S. when he was one-year-old.

He used his celebrity clout to arrange "hope-sharing" meetings with multi-racial Korean children and to encourage social and political reform.



Once his chipstrap is off, Hines Ward puts on his REAL  helmet...The Helmet of Human Rights. 



Back at home, Ward sportscoats a Range Rover that sits on 22-inch Maya blades.







“I’m a car a fanatic. [I have been] ever since I was a child. I even got my son (Jadona little Dub truck. It’s in all males I guess,” he says.




But, his Super Bowl XL MVP-Awarded Cadillac Escalade, goes right along with his Super Bowl ring...BLINGED OUT!




The custom rims have the MVP logos in the center caps as well as on the speaker enclosure in the back.







But, why are you hurting them like that Hines?You're stiff-arming  cats for first downs on the street!



“I like them. I’m not doing it to be flashy. I get enjoyment out of it. Each and every day that I wake up, I go out and drive in something nice," he states.



"Who ever would have thought that a kid from Forest Park, Georgia, would have a Bentley? It’s a blessing for me. With all the hard work that I put into my profession, that’s my reward; that’s my gift to myself,” he explains.



So, what's the collection hittin' fo'?



Let's just talk about only the Escalade for the sake of time.

Firstly, make it to the NFL, become a starter and a  All-Pro, win the Super Bowl and lastly, take MVP honors in the process of doing so.



Check it....



Hines' "Ward of Whips" are SO dirty...

You might even get a little extra "pop to the chops"  when the ball snaps from center.



Betta watch yo' neck, homeboy!




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