Antonio Tarver

What's crackin', Players and Playettes?

As always, The Flow  continues to bring you the HOTTEST stars and  FLASHIEST "whips" in urban entertainment.



Last month, it was the Washington Wizards' Perennial All-World Guard, Gilbert Arenas and his "Hibachi Hoo-riders".


This month, it's former undisputed light heavyweight champion, Antonio Tarver and his "Flipped-Out Flurries".

Forever known as the first man to ever knock out the great Roy Jones Jr,  Antonio "Magic Man"  Tarver recently got his "sqaub on" with Sylvester Stallone in the critically acclaimed film, Rocky Balboa.

"I think [Sly] got dazed a coupletimes," Tarver stated. "I think that's the skill that I brought to the movie. He's been in the ring with a lot of fighters, [like] Joe Frazier, and he's gotten injured, hurt from those fighters because they just didn't have the wherewithal to, not pull the punches but not turn them over. I think that's what I brought to the table, the ability to do that."

This cat  was already EXTREMELY paid before he started acting, but now? 
As the homie, Ice Cube says..."I'm makin' movie money, fool!"


Tarver's ride on the daily  is his deep black 2006 4.2-liter Range Rover Supercharged.

The Range is all the rage among superstar athletes like Pittsburg Steelers Wide Receiver, Hines Ward  and others, these days .  (See our Jan '07 issue of "Whips".) 


But the showstopper  is spelled, "G.T."


The interior of Tarver's pearl white 2005 Bentley Continental GT is peanut butter-cupped out  powered by a 552-hp double-V-12twin-turbo.





The 5,000-plus-pound Bentley is kissin' the pavement  on 22 x 9.5-inch GFG Klessig-7 rims on the front-end and one-inch fatter Klessig-7s on the backside.



And, wide-footprint Pirelli P Zero Nero tires  'shoe' this all-wheel-drive beast.




So what they hittin' fo?


Hit the gym and get in shape first...THEN we can talk.



Check it.



Antonio Tarver's "Flipped-Out Flurries"  pack such a punch...


You won't remember anything until the ring doctor says ,"How many fingers am I holding up, son?" 



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