Larry Fitzgerald


What's crackin', 
Players and Playettes?

You already know that The Flow... runs game, like a pimp runs...PRO'S!  

Last month, it was former undisputed light heavyweight champion, Antonio Tarver and his "Flipped-Out Flurries".

This month, it's the NFL's phoenixlike  wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald and his "Arizona CAR-dinals".  

When you are a former ball boy for the Minnesota Vikings, and have had the honor and privilege to be mentored by future "Hall Of Famers" Cris Carter and Randy Moss, personally?

You better have "good hands" and not drop the ball. (Hey, T.O.!)

Larry Fitzgerald
 has the "best hands" in the league since Jerry Rice.

While a star at The University of Pittsburgh, he was considered to be one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the NCAA.

Since being drafted as the 3rd pick the 2004 NFL Draft, he and teammate Anquan Boldin are one of the deadliest wide receiver tandems in the league.

In '05, Fitzgerald logged 103 catches, 1,409 yards and 10 TD and made his first Pro Bowl.

Fitzgerald’s sterling silver '07 Mercedes SL550 catches the road like he runs "go" routes...smooth and precise.

“This is my baby right here,”
 he said. “The ladies like to ride in this car.”

Did you catch what he just said?

Tighten up your "gators" and read that quote, again.

See, Larry Fitzgerald has his "P.I." priorities in order, as he should.

Unlike some of you SO-CALLED BALLERS out there who obviously, do not.

He said, “The ladies like to RIDE in this car.”  Not..."DRIVE this car!"

Stop BROWN NOSING these PRO'S...step your game up, playboy! 

The Range Rover Sport?

You can't be a professional athlete and NOT have one of these...look and the previous months of "Whips".

How many DO you see?  JUST SICK!

The '05 BMW 745i is red-on-red-on-red...with red 22-inch shoes to boot.

“I like the wheels to accessorize with the color of the car,”
 Larry says. “It adds something to it.”

So what they hittin' fo?

C'mon, you can't even catch a cold... let alone, a "fastball" across the middle.

Check it.

Larry Fitzgerald
 and his "Arizona CAR-dinals"  are SO fly... 

You BETTER check on how "your girl" gets home after the club.

Yo!...Isn't her favorite color...
RED, homie?



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