S. Moss' Rides

Santana Moss' Two Minute Drives


What's crackin', Players and Playettes?

It’s time to play the ‘profile and dialed’ game with those superstars you HAVE to envy.

Last month, it was "The King of New York", Jay-Z and the "Unreleased" Maybach Exelero.


This month, it's Washington Redskins explosive wide-out, Santana Moss' and his “Two Minute Drives".


One thing that we DO know about here at The Flow is football and Santana Moss is one of the dangerous BIG play receivers in the NFL.

As the team’s MVP in 2003 Moss finished the season with74 catches for 1,105 yards and 10 TD’s…in ’05 he had 84catches for 1,483 yards and has had a TD catch of at least 60yards or more for four consecutive years.

Last season, Santana’s number dropped to 55 receptions for790 yards, not due to his abilities, but due to the inability of stable play from his bootsy-ass quarterbacks.

But he still had some the most exciting plays of the entire ’06 season.


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Moss finished the 60-meter dash in 6.83 seconds while running track at University of Miami, so you know that ALL his whips are straight and to the point.

“The quality of the [Mercedes-Benz S550’sinterior is great; it’s like riding in a private jet. They’re so comfortable; you could sit in your car all night and feel relaxed,” saysSantana Moss

He makes millions to sweat on the field, but Santana doesn’t front when it comes to the Benz-O.

Not even a little bit.


 explains, “I can go work out and then jump in my Hummer, but [in] the Benz, I take off my shirt to protect the seat with it if I don’t feel clean… Even my friends know this is the car you don’t mess with.”

Don't get it twisted..... Moss has MORE than 3 cars but the Mercedes is his BEST lady.

“I stay with the
 Benz. Whenever the model changes, I trade mine in and get the new one, because I love ’em. They are sporty and luxurious, all at once. You don’t have to choose one or the other,” says Moss


So, what they hittin' fo'?

Having the innate skill to take a 8 yard swing pass, shake a linebacker, blow pass a nickel-back, and out run the opposing strong safety into the end zone.

Check it....

Santana Moss'
 and his “Two Minute Drives" are SO timely...



In the blink of an eye….they take it to the house!


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