Ryan Howards Esca-Philly

Ryan Howard's "Esca-Philly w/ Cheese"


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Last month, it was Washington Redskins Explosive Wide-Out,Santana Moss' and his “Two Minute Drives".
This month, it's Philadelphia Philles Super Slugger, Ryan Howard and his 2007 Cadillac "Esca-Philly w/ Cheese" .


Ryan Howard,
 the reigning National League MVP lead Major League Baseball with a "Barry Bonds-esque" 58 homeruns in 2006.

The 2005 Rookie Of The Year is the fastest player to reach 100 home runs in MLB history.   Howard also lead all Major League
Rookies with 22 home runs,also posted a .288 average and 63 RBI in just 312 at-bats and 88 games.  

Even after all those homers and accolades, he ONLY signed a new one-year contract for $900,000?



But that was the maximum for a player not eligible for salary arbitration. And his paycheck is the highest ever for someone with less than two years of playing time in the Major Leagues. 

Now in his fourth season, he was finally able to pick-up the"Esca Philly", in spite of the small check situtation. "I had to sneak it out of my allowance," says Howard.   

The pearl white 2007 Escalade rocks 26-inch Asanti rimshugged on Pirelli tires.   It also pops a Strut collection which includes a crimped mesh grille and matching side vents.  

"My other truck, a
  Yukon Denali, has over a 100,000 miles on it. I needed to get something newer."   And the interior is as comfortable as "chillin’ in the Phillies club house", after going 3 for 4 with 6 RBI’s and a win”.   “I need my trunk space,” Howard said. “That’s huge ’cause I usually drive everywhere.”  

Boulevard Customs who redesigned the SUV’s cabin space was able to fulfill the burly 6’4, 250 lbs First Baseman’s request with this web-gem...

A center console
 that sits between the two back captain’s seatsand matches the one seat in front.


The speakerbox contains two huge subwoofers that are postedfive inches above the Caddy’s floor and that aim sounddownward, so you can feel the bass as it rises up.

Those innovations along with 2,500-watts strong gives this sandwich “the bottom” you can hear from the snack shack. So, what's it hittin' fo'?

Even with a miniscule $900,000 per year salary...you can STILL afford it.

Check it....

Ryan Howard's
 and his "Esca-Philly w/ Cheese"  is SO tasty...

  You will be hopping the centerfield bleachers  just to take a bite.   

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