Cato June's Young T-Bucks

Cato June's Young T-Bucks 



Seven months after winning a championship as a member of the Indianapolis Colts, Cato June still has a bit of that Super Bowl glow. His wide-eyed handsome face is quick to break into smiles.

The glow looks to have rubbed off on his cars: a 2005 Cadillac Escalade and an especially stunning ’07 Mercedes Benz S65 AMG with a twin-turbo V-12. A quick peak inside with its beige seats and dark brown trim offers a heady whiff of new-car aroma.

Now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, June did not want any drastic modifications done to his Benz, so he added 22-inch HREs and custom walled fenders with side vents.

“Something that high-end,” he says of the car, with its $200,000 price tag, “should speak for itself. But I did want to get a little something on it, something that personalized it to me, so when I see another one it’s like, ‘That’s that same car, but this one is all mine."



Displaying the kind of fiscal responsibility that professional athletes are not known for, June drove his first car, a 2001 Lincoln LS, during the first two years of his Colts career. That’s when he bought the Escalade. It’s a rich dark blue that shows turquoise highlights in the Florida sun.

“I got Dub 26s on it,”
June says. “Got a billet grille, custom sound system, some flip-down TVs. I had to keep my third row [of seats] in there. I’d have people coming into town, and it didn’t make any sense to have a truck with a third row and not be able to put people in it.”



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