Marcellus Wiley's Custom Coyotes

Marcellus Wiley's Custom Coyotes

What's crackin', Players and Playettes?

It's time to get WET like Michael Myers on 'the Halloween tip'with the HOTTEST whips on concrete.

Marcellus Wiley,
 Ivy League alumnus and Jacksonville Jaguar,always had a love for nice cars growing up, though they were out of reach back then.



Right after he was drafted in the NFL, the car purchases soon followed. “I bought a Ford Expedition, continues Wiley, “when they first hit the streets. I put two Buffalo Bills flags in the windows and hit the streets. After rolling with that for a while, I got the Lexus GS400, and then I got the new Ford Excursionwhen that came out. All of my cars were very modest. Sure, I liked Ferraris and Rolls-Royces, but I wasn’t at that stage yet."


Armed with bigger contracts, he began to purchase high-ticket automobiles, like the Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Ferrari 360 Modena, a BMW 750, and a Ford Excursion limousine.



Then he satisfied his vintage-car craving with a 1963 Impala.When Wiley isn’t playing football or tinkering with his fleet of automobiles, he’s applying his Ivy League education and business sense to his new automotive investment in Élevée Motorsport.



Wiley’s friend Damien Marzett, a former football player, is vice president of Élevée Motorsport, a shop that opened in March. One of Élevée Motorsports’ first customers, Wiley met J. T.[Whiegman], a partners in the business, at the shop.


“We started to talk. I told them about my passion for cars, fashion, and business. And with my persona being out there in the public eye … working with them, synergistically, was a perfect fit,” he explains.

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