Chamillionaire's Texas Tease

Chamillionaire's Texas Tease

What's crackin', Players and Playettes?

The Flow  is POPPIN' like LIP GLOSS in this piece, baby.


When we interviewed Houston's Hip-Hop Hero, Chamillionaire back in January '06...he was on the verge of superstardom.


Now after of millions of records sold and worldwide critical acclaim, the 2007 Grammy Award winner is truly, RIDIN' DIRTY!


"It starts in the streets. I always say that people think that when they get on TV or they get a deal, they think that everything is just gonna blow up ...With me, everything starts on the ground level,"Chamillionaire tells The Flow.


To the the the street!!

“Most of the cars [I own], I don’t even drive,” he continues.“They are mostly for viewing purposes and just to show what we can do at the shop [Fly Rides]. I don’t drive them every day because you don’t want to mess up a classic, custom car you’ve created.”

“I like turning nothing into something…. Sometimes you’ll find a diamond [car] in the rough. And usually, I’ll just look at it and envision what I can turn it into. And when I am done with it, it’s gonna be crazy.”

Cham's fire isn't fading out in the least bit, and his fans are a direct reflection of what he drives on the daily.

"Every rapper and every artist needs to have a core fan base. Fans that want to be like you, know what your wearing, looking out for your next mixtape not just your last song. Those type of fans come from the streets."


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