Major League Whips


Major League Whips

With the NBA Finals now reaching it's conclusion it's time to give America's favorite past time it's just due. Although Baseball is not our favorite sport, the paychecks the players receive afford them the room to buy toys that we can really appreciate.

Here we highlight just a few of the Whipped Up Rides of the Major Leagues.


1932 Ford
Roy Halladay, pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies


Roy Halladay kicks off this list, which is appropriate, considering how he kicked off 2012 spring training by arriving at camp in this amazing 1932 Ford Roadster. The $20 million man known as Doc Halladay throws a nasty cutter, has a career 3.23 ERA and a perfect game to his credit — among other hobbies. You can, also add shade-tree mechanic to that list. Word is Doc is restoring this car himself.


Audi R8 V10 Spyder:

David Ortiz, designated hitter, Boston Red Sox

Neither svelte nor fast, this pudgy Red Sox slugger's car, an Audi R8 V10 Spyder supercar, is both That is, when he can keep it on the road. While exiting a gas station in early May, Ortiz accidentally disengaged the car's traction control, spun the 525-horsepower vehicle into traffic, sideswiping another motorist; luckily, Big Papi can afford the repairs.


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG:

Justin Verlander, pitcher, Detroit Tigers

Best known as the 2006 Rookie of Year and winner of the 2011 AL MVP and Cy Young awards, this ace is also a serious car fanatic. One of his favorite rides is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. And what's not to love: the 563-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine, the short rear deck or long hood reminiscent of the classic 300SL?


Cadillac Escalade:

Ryan Howard, first base, Philadelphia Phillies

At 6 feet 4 inches and 242 pounds, this Philly slugger is very large, and that's exactly how he likes his cars, if this customized Cadillac Escalade is any indication. The white Platinum Edition Caddy runs on massive 26-inch chrome rims — and a 6.2-liter 403-horsepower V8 engine — that match the chrome grille, side vents and trim.


Land Rover Range Rover HSE

Felix Hernandez,
pitcher, Seattle Mariners

This pitching phenom and 2010 Cy Young winner rolls in Britain's finest off-road export, the Range Rover HSE. And while tricked-out rides are a dime a dozen on this list, Felix has an especially bespoke detail on his bright-red ride: custom-built 24-inch, 8-spoke wheels with "Cy Young" chromed onto the wheel well and "King Felix" spelled out on one of the spokes.


Chevrolet Camaro

Victor Martinez,
catcher, Detroit Tigers

Chevrolet's modern retro-styled Camaro is a popular choice among athletes, especially baseball players. This Detroit Tiger prefers a red drop-top model with black racing stripes and oversized 8-spoke wheels. And while the online customization community has given the 33-year-old grief for adding out-of-place chrome exhaust frames to his red-and-black-themed Camaro, that's nothing compared to the horror that is Martinez's body-kitted Hummer H2.


1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Evan Longoria
, third baseman, Tampa Bay Rays

Not all MLB Camaros are tricked-out eyesores — or even new models, for that matter. This Golden Glover also drives a Camaro SS, but it is a classic from 1969. Actually, the 2008 Rookie of the Year has a thing for vintage Chevrolet muscle. Longoria also owned a '67 Camaro RS, valued at about $75,000. 


Panamera 4S
Robinson Cano, second base, New York Yankees.

The Porsche Panamera appeals to professionals of all kinds; doctors, lawyers and now ball players. And, we have to admit, the famously unlovely 4-door looks quite menacing with Cano's blacked-out custom job. In fact, the Panamera 4S, with its 400-horsepower V8 engine, top speed of 175 mph and 4.8-second sprint to 60 mph, is a great combination of speed and power, just like the Yankee's second baseman.


Ford F-150

Albert Pujols,
first base, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

We've seen an Audi supercar, posh Range Rover, and a Porsche sedan thus far, but arguably the best player on this list drives the most mundane vehicle: a pickup truck, with a little customization. The blacked-out Ford F-150 Platinum has a 6-inch lift, matte-black wheels and Nitto Trail Grappler tires. It's an intimidating ride for one of the most feared.


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