70' Catalina

1970  Pontiac Catalina



TheFlowOnline.com is bringing you yet another Hot Whip owned by Charles Perry... This time reigning from the West Coast born out of the shop of AutoSound Specialist. Shot out to Kenny McCardie, the owner and founder AutoSound. Kenny and his shop have been a long time suppoerter of TheFlowOnline.com giving us access to our very own custom car shop. Now what other Online Hip Hop community can lay claim to that huh? We're not ashamed to pop our collar a little bit to let you know we got it crack'n like rock candy over here in the San Francisco Bay Area. But enough with the "Who-Rid'n" let's get to what you clicked here for.





Check out this Drippy Wet-Wet Candy Apple Red House of Kolor 1970 Pontiac Catalina. The paint was layed down by AutoSound Specialist. This old school classic is complete with color matched Custom Leather Interior and molding designed and installed by Brownie’s Upholstery. 



To set this car's Floss and Gloss of just right it sits on 18" Wire Wheels with Vogue Tires. The Custom Audio and Air Bags were installed by Auto Sound Specialist. 



As mentioned this Car was owned by Charles Perry, Jr. Unfortunately Charles is no longer with us. He died of a fatal heart attack in June of this year. I hearts and prayers go out to Charles' family. TheFlowOnline.com had the privilege to meet Charles at this photoshoot. He was a energetic gentlemen of a brotha with a youthful spirit and energy. You can see his passion for life in this ride and you know he made his best effort in all that he did. We salute Mr. Charles Perry, Jr. and thank him for leaving us just a small taste of his legacy to share with the world. His wife Ms. Perry is now looking for a home for this lovely Pontiac Catalina. The owner should appreciate it as is and have a deep appreciation for old school upkeep and maintenance. For more information please contact AutoSound Specialist for Details. 



Thank you Charles Perry, Jr. With every read of this article your life, love and passion lives on.






 Story By Roger Hooks


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