Chevy Malibu

Chevy Malibu
(Exclusive Review of the Old School Whip Driven By Drake in the Video Motto)


How you feel? How you feel? How you feel?
Twenty five sittin’ on 25 mil uh
I’m in the building and I’m feeling myself
Rest in peace Mac Dre, I’mma do it for the Bay, okay
Getting paid well holla whenever that stop
My team good, we don’t really need a mascot


You know those times when you catch a tight ride rolling down the street out of the corner of your eye and you whip your head only to catch the last back of it before it disappears into to traffic?... Or you watching a music video and they flash it on the screen only long enough for you to know it was tight but you're still thirst'n to see the interior, or the engine or system you know it has in there. Well this is a chance for you to quench your thirst on the 1964 1/2 Chevy Malibu featured in Drakes 'Motto" video, owned by Edward Rayuso of the San Francisco Bay Area. We know it has been a minute. It was right underneath our nose and we didn't even realize it. Just goes to show you that opportunity is all around you just have to know where to find it.


Well anyway we got this showroom perfect classic all layed otu for you to peep. It's sitting on 20s with a tight system to go with the tight high gloss polish and lusterious interior. The owner was tight lipped about the details of the ride so we will just let you enjoy the pictures. Enjoy.









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