Birdman's $4.6 Million Toy

Birdman Splurges $4.6 Million On A New Lamborghini Veneno

Cash Money Records Mogul, Bryan "Birdman" Williams is destined to become one of only three people on the planet to own a
Lamborghini Veneno.

For its 50th anniversary, the
legendary Italian automaker has crafted the Veneno with an extreme price tag of $4.6 million.

According to Media Takeout, Birdman has already made his down-payment of $1 million to become one of the three exclusive owners.


Penned for a Spanish fighting bull that killed a toreador in 1914, the Lamborghini Veneno is so sought-after they are officially sold out even before going into production.

This latest addition is based on the popular Aventador chassis but with more intense body moldings made entirely of carbon fiber.

Powered by a 740 horsepower 6.5-liter V12 engine, this modern spaceship is paired to a 7-speed automated manual transmission pushing a top speed of 220 miles per hour with permanent all-wheel drive alwhile hitting 0-60 in 3 seconds.

With an estimated net worth of $125 million as of April 2012 according to FORBES 2012 –  Birdman is one of Top 5 Wealthiest Hip Hip Artists. 
He also made FORBES 2011 Cash Kings list.

Today, he is the fourth richest rapper on earth. 

Birdman is no stranger when it comes to rumors of him purchasing whips in upwards of
seven figures.  


In a 2012 interview with MTV News, Williams revealed that Cash Money Records has reached the 500 million records sold mark since it began doing business with Universal Records in 1998.


"Nobody has ever surpassed us. We just got a plaque; I would like to let y'all know that. We done moved 500 million units worldwide," he said. "We're super excited, homie. We're just grindin'. Hard." stated, Birdman



"That's been the whole goal from day one," he said. "I was 12 years fittin' to be a billionaire; I was 15 years old as a millionaire. I've been rich since I was 14. My son [Lil' Wayne] has been a millionaire since he was 12, so that's just the life. We've been playing with money since we were young."


"To reach where we at this point in our life, with how hard we've been workin', it makes me really realize I can do a lot more in a short period of time, because I've been doin' it 22 years."


Lamborghini says the Veneno was designed to come as close as possible to a Le Mans-quality race car that's still usable on public roads.


Even the wheels wear a carbon fiber ring that Lamborghini claims acts like a vortex to shunt air toward the brakes for cooling.



The three copies of the monster from Sant'Agata Bolognese that Lamborghini plans to build will have red, white, or green touches to match the Italian flag; technically, there will be four copies including the test model Lamborghini plans to hold onto. With two of the buyers hailing from the United States, the Veneno will soon enter the rarefied realm of personalized exotic cars 


Acronym of Success.

Y=Young M=Money C=Cash M=Money B=Billionaires

The combination of Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records.



500 million records sold, equals 1 of 3 Lamborghini Venenas purchased.

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