2014 Chevy SS

2014 Chevy SS Sedan



The design aesthetic for the Chevrolet SS is elegantly athletic.


Strong, contemporary yet refined shapes are sculpted with restrained sensitivity from the muscular rear-wheel drive proportions. 



Flowing lines begin at the aggressive front fascia and integratedHID headlamps that flow into a sleek mid-section and give way to a tapered rear that helps to manage airflow.




Bulging pronounced fender flares and its low wide stance divulge its high-performance underpinnings.




Polished aluminum alloy; front wheels up front and 19" x wheels in back wrapped in ultra-high performance summer only tires plant its athletic stance, emphasizing its rear-wheel-drive capability. 



The SS (super sport) is built on the same body style as the Camaro. 

Carried by a
 415 horsepower 6.2L V8 LS-series engine locked to a 6-speed auto transmission driving the rear wheels, the SS can hit 60 MPH in about 5 seconds.



A front-mounted 4.6-liter V-8 equipped with fuel injection and aluminum heads delivered 310 horsepower at 6400 rpm. The only option on the SS is the sunroof, while everything else is standard.  



The only options offered are a sunroof ($900) and a full-size spare ($500). 



Fresh off its Daytona debut and a couple of years past its previous incarnation as the Pontiac G8, the 2014 Chevy SS has been priced from a robust $44,470.




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