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Boss OG (Original Gangsta) 1968 Mustang


Today the Flow presents another Kindig creation in this Hot Boss Mustang. Although this is not the late model Boss, but the OG (Original Gangsta) of Pony Cars going back to 1968. 

The original Boss Mustang came to life in 1969. It was part of the new line of Ford's Pony Car field, a category mostly created by Ford. In 1967 Chevrolet introduced the Camaro which provided more performance than the Mustang. So in 1969 Ford introduced the Boss 302 engine to put it in step with the competition.

The Boss 302 Mustang was designed by Larry Shinoda, a former GM employee. The car featured reflective "c-stripe" and the face rear fender scroops of the regular 1969 Mustangs was eliminated. It came with optional rear window shades and blackout hood. It was one of the first production models with a front spoiler and rear deck wing. The name "Boss" came about when Shinoda was asked what project he was working on, he answered "the boss's car" because the project was a secret. Also Shinoda had called it the "Boss" as homage to the new President of Ford Semon "Bunkie" Knudson who had brought Shinoda over from GM when Knudson had left.

Now fast forward to 2013 and Kindigit Designs takes the Boss Mustang to a whole new level. If you could get anymore "Boss" than it already was Kindig certainly made it so.

If the original didn't have enough power for you this custom masterpiece is equipped with a 351 stroked out to 418 cubic inch small block ford F1 Procharger supercharger. To launch this power plant into the stratosphere the high power land rocket harnesses a 6 speed Tremec with 4.11 gears POSI. To completely engulf you in comfort the interior was custom finished by JS Customs. Custom sheet metal work-removed all pot metal over an Art Morrison Chassis (Fords were originally unibody) and Bumpers slivered with flush mounted rear tail lights. It also has an Electric parking brake that lie inside 24 X 15's rear and 18 X 8's fronts with Pirelli tires and Intro wheels.

To finish it off the car is sprayed with Zumiez

full custom racing paint layed down by none other than Kindig-it Design.


No matter if you are new school or old school, this flipped out Boss Mustang appeals to the Shot Caller in all of us.


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