SRT8 Charger




2006 Dodge Charger SRT8



The Dodge Charger has a long automotive history dating back to 1966. It was introduced in the fall of 1965 as the Coronet Charger, outfitted with a 318 ci, 5.2 L V8. The Charger was redesigned in 1968 and sales increased. This B-Body Charger is most famous for it's appearance in the Dukes of Hazzard and Fast and Furious making it arguably one of the most famous car brands in Hollywood History. The third generation B-Body Charger came out during 1971. The new ride included a split grill, semi fastback rear window and a ducktail spoiler. The fourth generation Charger made its debut in 1975. The charger returned in 1982 as an economical subcompact hatchback with 148 horsepower.


After 19 years, Dodge reintroduced the 2006 Charger in a new form. This new sleek but aggressive design left room for custom car enthusiast and designers to let their imaginations run wild and Kindig Design is no exception. When the crew got a hold of this beauty they were destined to make it a showroom showstopper that its predecessors could only dream of.

First off... the 6.1 original Hemi was stroked to 426 ci. by API Tuning. Then an Air Ride was installed for that smooth ride but allowing for the drop to the low, low... compliment of Air Lift. The Kindig Team also went to work on the body by flaring out the fender 4 inches in the front and 6 inches in the back. This was so they can wrap around the Deeeep dish 22 x 11 US Wheels in the front and the even DEeeeeeeeper Dish 24 x 14" US Wheels in the rear.  The front wheels are wrapped in 295/30/22 Pirelli Tires in the front and 405/25/24 in the rear. 

The original bumbers were modified to fit the new wider body with a custom grill installed in the front. 

This Hip Hop Hot Rod also features smoked tail lights and front markers.


To really set this ride apart Kindig made heavy modifications to accomodate the Lambo doors all the way around. If that wasn't enough the whip cream to top off this saucy sweet ride is the ultra glossy mirror black paint finish. Damn!!!

You'd be afraid to take this ride to the strip... it looks too nice... but if you did? Can you imagine the head turns? Females "AND" Fellas would abandon their own rides dead smack in the middle of the street just to jump in the backseat of this cool whip.

I wouldn't be doing them justice if I didn't say Kindig did it again with another auto-creation of absolute awesomeness. 'Nuff Said! 






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