Escalade Viceroy

When you want to ride with your swag hanging out of the window, there are few better ways to travel than a Cadillac Escalade. 




But as plush as you might think an Escalade is already, Lexani Motorcars took not just one notch higher, not just two notches hire but several notches above the rim. You see when Lexani puts their hands on something it simply becomes a blank canvas for them to create the unthinkable. Lexani, which got its start in custom wheels, and is now doing full custom vehicle conversion, offering custom packages for the Escalade, Navigator, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia, and other luxury SUVs.


White Viceroy


The new Viceroy edition Escalade flosses the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and connectivity for the tech executive, A-List entertainer or music mogul. If you are at the top of your game or just mingle with those that are this ride is THE ride to impress.








After a high-stakes meeting in the C-suite,, a hot show on the main stage, or a long day in the studio execs and entertainers alike can recline in leather-lined six-way adjustable power chairs and peep the star-studded LED headliner. If entertainment is your wish, a 48-inch Samsung curved 4K television brings satellite TV to the cabin. If you’re in the mood for Angry Birds, a built-in Apple iPad Air 2 has its own docking station in the rear cabin.



If work duty calls, a built-in video conferencing system and integrated Mac Mini computer allow for productivity on the go, along with airline-style tray tables. To make room for all these niceties, the Viceroy Escalade features a raised roof. This even suits such highly regarded VIPs as President Obama as this classy beast is available with an armor package as is the rest of the Lexani custom packages. If you want to role hard in luxury and heavy duty protection choose the Cadillac Escalade Viceroy by Lexani Motorcars. 





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