Ford F150 Dually


For those that like big custom trucks the Ford F150 Full Size Dually Truck is the Boss Hog of them all. And when you it's lowered it's like a stretched cadillac with a enough space to fit a jacuzzi in the back. You can imagine yourself now pulling up on the broadway set with your boys (or gals) chill'n in the back seat and more if you like layed back in the bed behind them. 24" custom Lexani blades are so large that the ladies can not only fix their make-up but adjust their outfit in the mirror chrome finish. The back is proped up with 24 inch dually wheels that make tha back-end look so beefy you should DblMac on your license plate. The Black finish is always in style depicting an heir of class, sass and Big Boss flavor that is sure to make em stand back and say Damn! So if you like big thangs... this is one of the biggest. You'd be do'in big thangs, rid'n big thangs and look'n for more big thangs to come with the beauty of a beast. 



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