Iconic Hip Hop Cars that Exudes Perfect Ostentation

Cars and Hip Hop are interwoven since this genre of music came into existence. The car you drive speaks a lot about your personality and bank account. Luxury cars are highly ostentatious and exude a feeling of your financial soundness.  These automobiles play an influential role in Hip Hop culture. Hip hop figures are surrounded by these posh vehicles. Many of them mention the name of their cars in their song. With the passage of time, the vehicles became more extravagant whose price tag even surpassed the cost of a dream home or a luxury real estate property. 

    • Bugatti, one of the most expensive sports cars is a style statement. It is a perfect embodiment of extravagance and richness. “Bugatti Boyz 1.8 fours/I got money, baby, I could order 8 more”,it is Diddy’s lyrics of his rap song name "Bugatti Boyz”.

      bugatti hip hop artist

    • There are many iconic cars that were propelled into the limelight with the hip hop song. One of them is Cadillac Escalade. It grabbed the attention of the public when it came in a hip hop rap. The sales of such an elegant model showed a high surge.

      Cadillac Hip hop
    • Luxury car brands like Hummer and Range Rover hog into the light around 2006
    • The most popular car which is ruling the hip hop industry is Mercedes Maybach.
    • Dodge Challenger, an American model became highly iconic. It symbolizes power and high performance. After a total facelift, Wiz Khalifa chose it as his ride and mentioned it in his rap song “Weed Brownies”. Its name is portrayed in lyrics – “Riding in my Challenger/Faded off this weed brownie/Turning down the music cause the weed is loud enough already”.
    • Similarly, Lil' Kim, mentioned the name of bling car “Saab” is his rap song "Gettin' Money (Get Money Remix). Its lyrical mention is “Convertible Saab/I'm married to the mob”. This automobile makes a grand appearance wherever it head towards. It bespeaks your exorbitant lifestyle.

It is very clear that ultra-luxury cars and hip hop go hand in hand. The awareness of many such cars exponentially increased with hip hop artists and their raps. Are you a hip hop enthusiast? If yes, then get in touch with us at Flow Online. We will get you acquaint with the artists lifestyle, their taste, iconic cars, and their upcoming track of rap. We also give you opportunity to open up your account on our website. For detailed information, you can give us a call on (408) 420-6234.

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