Katy Perry almost missed Met Gala 2018 due to her car failure

Katy Perry Met Gala 2018

Met Gala, also known as the Met Ball, as always has grabbed a lot of attention from across the world, this time again in 2018. Since, each and every celebrity attends this event in a unique manner by slipping into their best dresses, the event acquires a lot of appreciation, popularity and comments from the masses.

Katy Perry, American singer and songwriter, almost missed reaching this big event due to her car failure. This famous artist, was not able to travel in a limousine like other artists did because of her outfit which had big sized wings attached to it. This is the main reason why she considered a 1930’s open top vehicle for her commuting need.

The trouble however was created when her car got stalled out of nowhere. Due to this problem, she did not get the chance to show off her stunning glittery outfit, a golden Versace dress along with thigh high boots.


After a few attempts, the car finally got turned on and Perry was transferred to the venue in a quick manner. On reaching the red carpet, she described how messy the situation had got for her. On talking with a reporter from The New York Times, she "I feel very angelic. Celestial. Ethereal."

On reaching inside, she took off her giant accessories so that the best can be fetched out of the event in a peaceful and fun-filled manner.

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