TESLA: Reasons why rappers call it the new Hip-Hop car

tesla hip hop carHip hop industry has always had special kind of love for cars and their appearance, since its inception. This is the main reason why every popular and established rapper today owns a good collection of expensive and amazing looking cars.

Talking of Tesla, it is called the hot new hip hop car because of its mind-blowing appearance and excellent features. This car is designed keeping in mind the latest technology, finding which in other cars will be a difficult task because the market place has never really had a car of this sort.

There are many celebrities who drive this mesmerising vehicle such as:

  • Morgan Freeman
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Matt Damon
  • Stephen Colbert and many more

All these celebrities love showing off this car and huge a lot of media coverage while driving it on roads. Most of them like taking them to big events like awards and grand scale functions to showcase their standard and money. This in return also excites their fans making them even more proud and happy about their favorite artist’s success.jaden-smith-teslaThere are a lot of music albums in the hip hop industry which has been shot in this car or atleast have its appearance. And to your shock, all these music clips have gained a lot of viewers and appreciation from the market place just because the presence of this beautiful yet extremely ravishing car in it.

While this is all about Tesla today, we at Flow Online will let you know about various other Hip hop cars in our next articles. To know more about what is currently trending in the hip hop industry, stay in touch with us. For details and more information, call us up today! We look forward to hear from you. 

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