Lincoln: First car to enter the world of hip hop

lincoln-continental first car to enter the world of hip hop

By now, we all well understand how much the hip hop celebrities love their whips. This is one of the main reasons why we are able to see them on almost every music album (video). Howbeit, the presence of a grand, expensive and mesmerising car in a hip-hop music video has not come into fashion today, but since the very inception of this industry. Hip hop artists and whips have always walked hand in hand. The best part of it all is that each artist that enters this industry automatically inculcates love for expensive cars, as if it came to them naturally by birth.

Going down the memory lane, Lincoln was the first car to have entered the world of hip hop. And it comes out as no shock, that this car is still used in various videos by top-notch artists because undoubtedly it is one of the most gorgeous and mesmerising cars, this industry has ever had.

While new cars have also made their arrival into the industry such as Maybach which is owned by Jay Z, hot pink Lamborghini by Nicki Minaj, Lincoln will always own a special place in the heart of the hip hop world.

Rappers always want to remain surrounded with style, bling and expensive items because this comes across as a style statement. And since cars are the best way of keeping up with it, these artists become collectors of all the ravishing cars out there in the world.

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