2018 Top hip hop songs ideal for your car cruises!

Cruising around in the car is something that nobody can resist. However, what adds to this quality time is a music player consisting of a fabulous playlist. Since, hip hop songs turn out to be each and every person’s favorite, turning such music on while you go around on the roads with your friends for some chill, will turn out to be ideal.

Below mentioned is a list of some top 2018 hip hop songs, playing which will make your car cruises more fun filled and extraordinary:

·         My life your entertainment

·         Thug motivation 101

·         White girl

·         Nightmares of the bottom

·         U scared

·         I got that sack

·         On top of the world

·         Slam

·         Gas pedal

·         Beamer, Benz or Bentley

All the songs mentioned above have grabbed huge appreciation and success on their release. Even when a lot of years have passed by, their love amongst the masses has not decreased.

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