Factors that make Tesla favorite amongst rappers and hip hop artists

tesla hip hop car

Tesla as we all know is one the hottest cars across the world. The sight of this mesmerising vehicle along with its lush interior give us plenty reasons to believe in the fact that this car is undoubtedly the best of all. Since, the hip hop world has developed a unique and never ending kind of love for the whips, this car turns out to be their favorite at all times. 

Not only is this vehicle on their priority list but most of the rappers have alreay added it to their collecion and even flaunt it during big events and shows. 


Here is a list of top notch celebs who have been showing off this car for a while now:

Morgan Freeman

Stephen Colbert

Anthony Bourdain

Matt Damon

Cameron Diaz

Ben Affleck

And it goes on. 

The main reason why hip hop artists think that this car is worth purchasing is because it is one of those vehicles which create a lot of zeal amongst the viewers when they see it through music albums. Being one of the coolest cars, it helps greatly in taking the hard work of these artists to a successful tangent. 


Tesla’s flagship cars have become one of the go-to musical video cars. And this has had a great impact on the company’s image and marketing sector. 

Since both the industries compliment each other equally and go hand in hand, the car continues to remain on top whenever it is associated with the hip hop world. 

While this is all about how tesla has been creating a lot of hype in this musical world, we will write about other top notch car brands in our next article, which have been contributing equally to the hip hop industry. 

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