Cassper and his flashy car collection leave masses astonished

CassperNyovest, a south African record producer has been doing a great job when it comes to earning money. Not only is he working car to earn this amount but is also doing extra-ordinary when it comes to spending them.

Seems like he spends most of his money in buying cars. Since, he is known to have the best car collection with it comes to hip hop, his urge of buying top cars does not seem to come to an end any sooner.

He has a good collection of cars and after his last purchase, the total value of his car collection reached R.9.4 million.

While most of his cars can easily be seen during events and other times when he is found moving across the town. The best way to know what he has in his collection is through his tweets. The artist generally announces his addition through the platform of twitter and not to forget, he is talented enough to make it look as if buying them is a no big deal for him.

While this is all about how hip hop artists and their never ending love for cars remain united as always, we at Flow online will keep you updated with more such stories on which artist owns how many cars and which cars do they have in their collection. For more details call or mail.


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