Kanye West and his ultimate love for cars through series of songs

Kanye West love for cars Kanye West’s relationship with whips is very much reflected through his lyrics. Not only has he been coming up with great music videos with cars in it but his lyrics are also associated with some or the other vehicle.

Here is a list of music created by Kanye West that have lyrics based on whips:

  • Gold Digger feat. Jamie Foxx- 2005
  • Touch the sky feat. Lupe Fiasco – 2005
  • Drive slow feat. Paul Wall GLC – 2006
  • Heavy Hitters feat. GLC – 2002
  • Through the wire – 2004
  • Otis- 2011
  • All Falls down feat. Syleena Johnson – 2004
  • Run this town- 2009
  • Last call 2004
  • Mercy feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz – 2012

While this is all about what Kanye has been doing about his love for cars. We will give you more details on other hip hop artists and their car collections. For more details and information, call us up or write an email.

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