Seven cars in Miley's car collection

Mileys car collection
Miley Cyrus as we all know is one of the most loved and popular celebs from the US. There are infinite stories that one can cover when it comes to writing about her life and beyond. However, one thing which you must know about her life before anything else is her love for cars. YES! like any other artist, even this young actress cum singer is fond of adding lush and plush whips to her car collection. Not that her cars are too expensive and extremely lavish, but the amount of the same she owns states clearly that she likes to have them in good quantity. 
Here is a list of all the cars that she owns as of now! 
  1. Infinity G35
  2. Range Rover Sport
  3. Mercedes Benz ML 450 hybrid 
  4. Mercedes SL 500 convertible
  5. Porsche Cayenne
  6. Maserati Quattroporte
  7. McLaren Mp4 12C
While this is all about Miley's collection. We will come up with more articles on what other popular celebs own as well! You can send us an email just in case you have any special demands or a particular artist in mind. till then, stay connected with us at Flow Online to keep yourself updated with what's happening in HIP HOP stars life, regularly. 
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