All about Jay-Z and Beyonce's car collection!

Jay-Z and Beyonce's
It will always be Jay-Z and Beyonce for an answer, when you begin to think of the best A-list Hollywood couples. From their marriage stories to outfit collection and lots more, each and everything that they own and let out is glamorous and lavish in its own manner. Howbeit, nothing can be better than what they own in their car collection. Since, a lot of you remain curious about what they own in their garage, here is a revelation list of the same. Take a quick look: 
Pagani Zonda F- a beast of a car
Mercedes Benz Mclaren SLR
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
The carter family van


The couple does not believe in making any adjustments or sacrifices when it comes to spending on cars. They know what they want! and the best part is that they put in every effort to buy it and embrace it. This probably is the only reason why this power couple also gets successful in showing of their richness in a unique manner, always having an edge over others. 
While this is all about what Jay-Z and Beyonce own, we will keep you updated on what other top artists have in their whip collection. Till then, remain in touch and keep browsing for more and more information, daily. 
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