Rappers that have the most expensive collection of whips!

There are enough stories on the internet that we can read when it comes to hip hop world and it's immense love for expensive whips. But which rappers own which car, is something that remains in ultimate dilemma, as each website has their own story to portray. 

Here is an honest list of rappers who own the most expensive cars in the world:

Iggy Azalia
Rick Ross
Soujla Boy
Kanye West
Jay Z 
Nicki Minaj
Flo Rida
50 cent
Yet again, here is a list of all the best cars that the hip hop industry consists of and shows of with the same grace and excitement:
Maybach 57 and 62
Bentley Continental
Bentley Mulsanne
Lamborghini Avantador
Pagani Zonda
Bugatti Veyron
Cadillac Escalade
Rolls Royce Phantom
While this is all about the car collection that hip hop world has, we will soon do an article on the cars that are bought especially for shooting purposes to make hip hop albums to excessively well in the market place, even if the content and lyrics of the same are not very powerful. To grab the details about the same, stay connected with us only at Flow Online.
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