Iconic cars that are called rapper's delight!

Iconic cars rapper's
Whips haven't become rapper's favorite today or a few years ago! They have had a special place for themselves in the core of this industry since its very beginning. The luxurious car is one such thing which has always been a priority for the hip hop industry, no matter which artist arrives or departs. Rappers have always held this property close to their hearts even if it has been rented only for their music album shoots. It's since the inception of this genre of music, that whips have found a new identity for themselves. Earlier, they were merely cars, used for commuting purposes. Now, they are loved beyond infinity. 

Below is a list of certain iconic cars that are called rapper's delight:

Bulletproof suburban: 50 cent
Taco truck: Chingo Bling
Hummer Limousine
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Dart
Oldsmobile Cutlass
Aston Martin
Lexus GS
Chrysler 300C
Gold Tank: No Limits
Bentley Azure


The above-mentioned list has not been derived from the category of modern day cars but from also the vintage car list which had great importance in olden times of the hip hop industry. For more information, stay in touch with us at Flow Online.

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