Top hip hop songs with finest whip mentions!

Hip Hop holds whips really close to its heart and goes with it like blunts. From edge to edge, era to era, change to change, the relationship and bond that the two have established with each other keep going and growing only stronger, no matter what. The only transformation that the duo has come across is the change in its style, shape and size. With the passage of time, both hip-hop and whips have undergone drastic changes in terms of how it appears. 

The car that a hip-hop artist drives today tells more about his bank account than his choices, likes or cultural backgrounds. Hip-hop has taken birth in New York and American cars entered this industry, first. Foreign cars always hog the limelight. These when got introduced in the hip-hop music albums, benefited not only their own companies but also the music albums as masses drooled over such presentations, extensively.

Here are the top hottest hip hop songs that talk about finest whips through their lyrics: 

  • How We Do: 50 cent
  • Last Call: Kanye West
  • Funkmaster Flex Freestyle: Drake
  • Stay Schemin: Rick Ross, Drake and French Montana
  • John: Lil Wayne and Rick Ross
  • Lucifer: Jay Z
  • Still Fly: Big Timers
  • Addicted to money: Ludacris
  • Money Balls: Juicy J
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