Top rappers and their most loved whips!

We all know how much rappers stay inclined towards their whip collection. And why would they not be, after all, they have worked hard enough to earn money for buying these cars. Howbeit, while each of them has a good number of whips in his or her garage, there is always that one special car which every artist loves the most. Just in case you have been wondering all this while or trying to find your favorite rapper or hip hop artist's most loved car, check out the below-mentioned list. 
This list belongs to a set of top rappers and their most loved whips: 
Amine- Red Mercedes
Cardi B - Bentley Bentayga
Future: Bentley Continental GT
Drake: Rolls Royce Phantom
Jay-Z: Pagani Zonda Roadster
Nicki Minaj: Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 
Pusha T: Ferrari 488 Spider
Rick Ross: Maybach 57S
Snoop Dogg: Rolls Royce
Tyler: McLaren
Travis Scott: Lamborghini Aventador SV
Vince Staples: Tesla
These rappers have a tendency of adding and removing cars from their garage, as the new eye-catchy and tech pro cars keep launching. While the list will keep changing with passing years, the above mentioned one is as per their latest taste (2018). For more details about whips and rappers, stay in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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