Impressive car collection of Sean John Combs!

Impressive car collection of Sean John Combs!
Sean John Combs is one of the most popular rappers you will ever come across. Not only is his this name famous, but plenty others which fans and his own musical contribution have brought to him. The artist is famous for his long list of names which consist of plenty of stage names such as Puff Daddy, Diddy, etc. He has always been a legacy in the music industry and for the same, the artist has achieved innumerable awards including the Grammys. Apart from his music, he is fond of various other things due to which he has his own clothing line, Vodka brand, perfume collection for men and women and various other ventures. Not is he only involved in building various ventures but also in acting for various feature films. 
But Diddy's pride is in his car collection! One of his biggest investments is done in buying whips and this is something that he loves the most. Just in case you never bothered to have a look at what he owns in his garage, here is a list to blow your mind completely: 
  • Phantom Drophead Coupe
  • Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
  • Maybach 57
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • 1958 corvette
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