Selena Gomez and her eye-arresting whips!

selena gomez wips
Selena, American singer, actress and producer has done enough for herself and of course, the industry all through her life to reach where she is today. This unbeatable star, in her entire lifetime, has proved it unlimited times nothing can put her down or steal what she has earned for herself. 
She has gained an abundance of appreciation and love from her fan base since the time she has entered the industry and with her thought-provoking thoughts she has succeeded in putting across that it is very hard to compete with a bold celeb like her, who knows how to live on her terms, both solely and with someone. Sharing a few thoughts that she abides by: 
You have every right to a beautiful life.
I'm going to hang out with people, and I'm going to explore myself, and I'm okay with that.
I never really said I want to be a role model. But then when it happened I was so down for it.
And while there is plenty that we can learn about her each new day, one thing that everybody always remains eager about is her eye-arresting whip collection:
  • Audi A6
  • BMW X6
  • A vintage car
  • Mustang Shelby GT500
  • BMW X5
  • Ford Escape
  • Suburban LTZ
  • BMW 5 series
  • Mercedes S class
  • Mercedes S coupe
  • Range Rover Evoque
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