360 Modena

Now THAT'S Italian.
Ferrari 360 Modena



I was watching the Laker game over my partner, Ronnie Ron's house and since Kobe and Shaq were trouncing the competition, the subject of conversation turned to cars. I told him that I wanted to get a Cadillac Escalade sittin' on 24's. He said said, "Do you see Michael Jordan driving an Escalade?"


My answer was obvious, "I'm not Michael Jordan."

"That's not the point", he said. "You plan on being rich don't you?"

ME: "Yeah!" 

HIM: "Damn a SUV!! Get you a REAL car." 

Whateva man!! I'm still getting an Escalade, he ain't the boss of me...but, he made a valid point. It MUST have been that Saporro Beer, since this cat drives an Expedition. Personally, I need only two cars, maybe three. One of those three cars is the 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena Spider.


The 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena Spider ain't no car. It's a house!! It's a 395-horsepower, $165,000 sports car/house.



The Spider is offered with a either a conventional 6-speed manual or a trick semi-automatic 6-speed transmission. 


Cars with the semi-automatic gearbox, the 360 Spider F1 ($171,185) get their own model designation, F1, because shifting is controlled with two paddles mounted on the steering wheel similar to those used by Michael Schumacher in his Formula 1 race car...SICK!!!


The Ferrari 360 Modena F1 is one of the fastest cars you can buy, and with the exception of the Porsche 911 Turbo, it's the quickest car available with an automatic transmission. This car will blast from a standstill to 60 mph in a tick over 4 seconds and rip through the quarter mile in 12.8 seconds at over 112 mph. That's a fast-ass car/house!!! 



Waiting period to buy?? Two years or more. Unless you buy a flip at $270,000. What's a flip?? LET ME PUT YOU UP ON GAME. A flip is a car that is in high demand that is bought at a huge mark-up in order to have it TODAY!! That's $100,000 more NOT to wait. 


I'm gonna be rich anyway so? DAMN $100,000!! Just don?t tell my mama. 




Model Line Overview


Model lineup


(MSRP) 360 Spider ($161,475); 

360 Spider F1 ($171,185) 

Engines 395-hp 3.6-liter dohc 40-valve V8

Transmissions 6-speed automanual 

Safety equipment standard: ABS, traction control, front airbags 

Basic warranty 3 years/unlimited miles 

Assembled in Modena, Italy 


Price as shown (MSRP) $155,900

Layout mid-engine/rear-wheel drive 

Engine 3.6-liter dohc 40-valve V8 

Horsepower 395 hp @ 8500 rpm 

Torque 275 lb.-ft. @ 4750 rpm 

EPA fuel economy 11/16 mpg city/hwy 

Transmission 6-speed auto/manual 

Wheelbase 102.3 in.

Length/width/height 176.3/75.7/47.8 in.

Track, f/r 65.7/63.7 in. 

Turning circle 35.4 ft. 

Seating capacity 2

Head/hip/leg room, front 36.5/NA/46.5 in.

Max. trunk/cargo volume 8.0 cu. ft. 

Suspension, f/r independent/independent Ground clearance 4.2 in. 

Curb weight 3291 lbs.

Tires, f/r P215/45ZR-18 / P275/40ZR-18 

Brakes, front/rear disc/disc with ABS


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