MO3’s gets beaten by Yella Beezy

MO3’s gets beaten by Yella Beezy
Yella Beezy's problem with individual Dallas-based rapper Mo3 has supposedly prompted a claim.

Mo3's chief Brandon Rainwater is suing Yella over a supposed attack that happened outside Dallas' V Live strip club in January, as indicated by TMZ. Water claims he endured a disjoined hip in the wake of being forced to bear a beatdown from Yella and his group.

Reconnaissance film of the squabble has surfaced on the web, yet Yella can't be unmistakably observed or distinguished in the video.

As indicated by the suit, Rainwater appeared at the club yet was advised to hold up by security. He at that point affirms a security watch moved toward him with a firearm close by while Yella remained behind the man.

Mo3's director says he fled from the club in dread yet was gotten by Yella and his escort. When they pursued down Rainwater, the team purportedly beat him so gravely that he required an outing to the emergency clinic. He guarantees his wounds endured in the assault require non-intrusive treatment.

Water is looking for $1 million harms in his suit against Yella. V Live is likewise recorded as a litigant for giving deficient security.

The video of the same is available on internet as the violence got captured through the means of CCTV. Howbeit, what caused an issue here was that the video could not clearly capture the celeb doing it which is why it is difficult to identify his face through it. It only capture the incident taking place.

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