Pras Michel behind the bars

Pras Michel behind the bars
On Monday (March 9), the Fugees' own one of a kind, Pras Michel, was arrested for unpaid child support. The 47-year-old neglected to give confirmation to the Manhattan Family Court that he had finished a $20,000 court-requested child support payment. For quite a long time, Pras and his ex, Angela Severiano have been battling out of court over payments for their child, Landon. Before, Severiano claimed that the Brooklyn-producer emcee had been concealing assets  to keep from having to make payments. Pras disproved his ex's charges asserting he would have the option to make his instalments if the central government wouldn't have held onto a large amount of money.

Pras supposedly owes Severino a rough total of $127,000 in unpaid child support and was advised to furnish his ex with a  singel check of $20K and inform the court by their next hearing. Shockingly, Severiano didn't get the commanded assets yet Pras stated he sent the specified amount to his ex.

During the court meeting, Judge Carol Goldstein was not satisfied with Michel's stroy:

"That is not what I think about evidence. You don't have a clue what day it was sent." Judge Goldstein then went to the rapper's attorney, Samuel Feldman, and included, "I comprehend that your customer accepts that someone posted the cash. The following number doesn't work."

The judget at that point requested the bailiff to take the "Ghetto Supastar" entertainer into custody with a $5,000 bond, pending another court date one week from now.

During a court hearing a month ago, Wallack raised Michel's $10 million watch assortment and asked for the court to inprison the rapper. At last, the judge agreed however, the payment is still yet to be made. While this procedure has been a troublesome one for both Pras and Severiano, all have to agree that it's for his kid.
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