Soulja Boy works on increasing soap company profits

Soulja Boy works on increasing soap company profits
Soulja Boy amazed fans when he as of late shared he has a new cleanser organization, yet it's purportedly progressing admirably and even benefits youth programs.

It's difficult to believe that we live in a time when it's getting hard to get toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, and cleanser, however here we are. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a flood of overall frenzy and individuals are raging markets by the several thousand to load up on family unit things. It's indistinct precisely why this is going on, yet widespread panic frequently breeds peculiar outcomes.

Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic is not play'n, as it's as of late been reported that network shows will record without audiences, the NBA has suspended its season, and travel from Europe to the United States has ended. Organizations with cleaning items are seeing their profits skyrocket, and Soulja Boy is getting his piece of the pie.

During his ongoing visit to The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy reported that he was in the cleanser business. A few people make jokes about the rapper's most recent business venture, yet TMZ reports that just inside the most recent couple of months, Soulja Boy's The Soap Shop has significantly increased their profits. He allegedly propelled the South Haven, Mississippi area with his administrator, CEO Miami Mike. The establishment "has gone from selling 100 containers of cleaning items every month to well more than 3,000 or more cleaning items over the most recent 2 months. That is around a 30% increase.

The Soap Shop is said to be an organization that helps the network, too. They have joined forces with the Bubbles for Cash good cause so when the adolescent go out and sell The Soap Shop items, most of the cash is funneled back into the community programs that benefit inner-city youth.
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