Alicia Keys opens up on self esteem issues

Alicia Keys opens up on self esteem issues


Alicia Keys exposes her inner-most insecurities in her personal book "More Myself,". In a  portion, she shared her battles right from the beginning of her career.

She's one of the most hardworking and well-practiced entertainers on the planet, yet Alicia Keys has confessed to having confidence issues. The Grammy Award-winning vocalist found PEOPLE to discuss her personal history 'More Myself' and the uncertainties she's felt since even before he world-wide stardom.

For a considerable length of time she said she "was building my life around this picture of flawlessness, and it was extremely severe... I was obviously a lady who needed to discuss truth and strengthening and quality, yet when I truly took a look at myself, I understood that my entire life I've sort of been putting on a cover."

In 'More Myself', Alicia Keys' discusses how a absentee father influenced her outlook and how as a grown-up, there was a moment that she felt a "vacancy" because of it. During the ascent of her career, Keys likewise felt as though she was being painted into a picture she wasn't happy with.

"'Open up your shirt a bit,' [the photographer] coordinates while shooting a whirlwind of snaps," she said. "My soul is shouting that something isn't right, that this feels disgusting. 'Pull the highest point of your pants down a piece in the front,' he encourages. I swallow my doubts, fold my thumb between the denim and my skin, and comply. Upon the arrival of the spread's presentation, I pass a newspaper kiosk where the magazine is in plain view. I nearly hurl.'" More Myself is accessible all over.

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