Eminem trolls his music with Reyez

Eminem trolls his music with Reyez


Eminem introduces Jessie Reyez' debut album with a morbid collaboration about depressing circumstances surrounding a toxic and fatal relationship in the song "Coffin".

Em wouldn't normally hit repeat on such a song like "Love The Way You Lie" yet there is something about the idea drawing him back to the idea with the Canadian born, Columbian Pop Star Jessie Reyez.

In their two previous collaborations "Nice Guy" and "Good Guy" they are depicted in a damaging couple where they wind up in the grave together. In Reyez's pristine debut studio album "Before Love Came To Kill Us, the team indulges themselves in a another death flirting relationship. Makes one ask the question Em and Reyez keep returning to this topic? Is it because suicide due to failed relationship is so prevalent in US culture? It's well known that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams all committed suicide as the result of failed relationships. In the event that you ask the Detroit legend, he'll likely simply make a joke about it. As he advances the new single on his web based life channels, Eminem chuckled about how he and Jessie Reyez continue crushing each other's lives in their melodies. "Me and @jessiereyez simply continue offing one another... damn it," composed the rapper on Instagram. "Love is noticeable all around!"

Eminem has a skill for finding undiscovered talent inside a pool of female vocalists. Before working together with Eminem, Reyez was attempting to make it as Canada's next big star however when Slim encouraged her, her dreams turned into reality. Her debutalbum is out now, including appearances from 6LACK and, Eminem, obviously.

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